The morning sun brings pleasant warmth and hope for a beautiful day ahead! Our name Morsun is derived from 'Morning Sun' which represents our mission of providing quality, affordable and accessible health care for Nigerians and Africa as a whole with the warmth and hope of a healthy life.

As a Chinese Medical Group, our focus lies in identifying medical needs and cooperating with hospitals. We provide hospitals with overall solutions that include planning, restructuring, capacity building, technical and financial support enabling them to enhance and uplift their services. Working together will enable us to provide patients with more comprehensive, efficient and effective treatment at affordable costs.

Our financial backing and strength comes from partnering with the world's top fund companies including IDG and Sequoia Fund.

We also invest in individual departments and help African hospitals to extend their medical services in areas such as PCI, CT, and hemodialysis. Many hospitals plan for these departments but lack of qualified staff, finance, equipment and other factors prevent them from setting up such departments. If there are enough patient sources, we can provide the hospital with overall departmental solutions. This immediately enables the hospital to quickly have these departments established without unnecessary worry.

The founder of Morsun Med is not only highly experienced in the operational management of the medical field, but is also a very kind and caring person. He leads a team to Africa with a vision and sense of love and care towards humanity. With his acumen and driving force we have successfully partnered with many hospitals in China and abroad.

We strongly believe that our contracting model for hospital departments will drastically improve the level of medical services in Africa, as it has successfully demonstrated for decades in China and the United States of America. Furthermore under the "One Belt, One Road" initiative gaining strength in China will help us resolve the pain points of African Medical Care. With this improvisation we can also realize the value of our business!

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